This article will help you to download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express. During the installation, it will be configured to allow a seamless integration with G DATA ManagementServer.

Step 1. You can download SQL Server 2014 Express from the following link:


Step 2. Click Download.

Step 3. Choose either Express 32BIT\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe or Express 64BIT\SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe depending on whether your operating system is 32bit or 64bit.

Now click Next on the bottom right.

Step 4. Wait until the file is downloaded, then run it.

Step 5. Click OK.

Step 6. Wait until the setup is initialized.

Click New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation.

Step 7. Accept the license terms of SQL Server then click Next.

Step 8. Click Next until you get to the screen Feature Selection.

Here you can change the installation path of the server if needed.

Make sure that everything is checked under Features, then click Next.

Step 9. On the Instance Configuration screen, change the name of both Named instance and Instance ID to “GDATA2014”. Now click Next.

Step 10. Click Next.

Step 11. On the screen Database Engine Configuration, check under Specify SQL Server administrators if you see the current user account, if not click Add Current User.

This account will be granted Administrator privileges on the server.

If you wish to use another account as Administrator, click Add… then enter the desired account name.

Step 12. By default G DATA ManagementServer uses the Local System Account to connect to the SQL Server if they are both installed on the same machine. Add the Local System Account to the list of Administrators as follows: Click Add… then enter “SYSTEM” and click OK.

Step 13. Click Next.

Step 14. Wait until the server is installed.

Step 15. Click Close, then close the SQL Server Installation Center window.

If G DATA ManagementServer has already been installed using the default configurations, it will automatically start using the new SQL server upon reboot of the system.

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