Customers who buy a Dell computer with Windows 7 or 8, are entitled to a McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security 13.x (or later) subscription. The software comes preinstalled on Dell computers and protects your computer, but is not yet activated or fully set up.

As part of the Dell out-of-box experience (OOBE), your McAfee software configures automatically during the first boot of your new computer. Your McAfee software connects to the Internet, downloads the needed components, and activates using your subscription terms within the first four hours of your PC’s operation online.

IMPORTANT: Your computer must have an Internet connection to download and install your full McAfee LiveSafe product set.

When is my LiveSafe – Internet Security subscription acquired?
Your Dell computer is preinstalled with the core of LiveSafe – Internet Security. This preinstallation makes sure that LiveSafe protects you immediately. After 20 minutes, when you start using your computer for the first time, LiveSafe connects and updates itself. No reboot or manual updates are needed. LiveSafe continues to retry this process every 20 minutes until it completes.

How do I know my LiveSafe installation is complete?
If you open LiveSafe, click Navigation, and select Features, you see a list of more product features that you are entitled to, but have not been downloaded and installed yet. Select any of these features and click Next, then follow the on-screen instructions and complete the install. If you do nothing, these features download and become active automatically within the next four hours.

What if my additional product features did not download and install within 24 hours?
LiveSafe is designed to install and set up automatically, with no intervention needed. If this process does not occur, and you are unable to see all features that your subscription is entitled to, contact Technical Support with your Dell service tag to resolve the issue.

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Why did LiveSafe not automatically download my product features?
The most likely cause is that LiveSafe was unable to contact Dell to verify your subscription. LiveSafe continues to try and contact Dell and VirusScan continues to protect you. Connect your computer to the internet using a high-speed connection so that LiveSafe can communicate with our servers and fully update.

What are the possible states my McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security can be in?
There are three possible states your LiveSafe product can be in:

  • Pre-Entitlement: You have turned on your Dell PC, but LiveSafe has not yet performed the first update and verified your subscription. In this state, LiveSafe is already protecting your computer from malware, but you do not yet have all your product features installed and active. If you open LiveSafe and click About, you can see only SecurityCenter and VirusScan. Also, your subscription shows only a 30-day activity. This state occurs before the first check-in, generally within 20 minutes of turning on your new computer.
  • Pre-provision: After LiveSafe has downloaded your subscription information, click Navigation and select Features to see your proper subscription length, and all product features that you are entitled to with your subscription. All mentioned features are downloaded and activated within four hours. To choose and install features immediately, click Next. Even if you do not choose any of the features, LiveSafe automatically downloads and activates all features within a four-hour interval.
  • Default provision: If you register the McAfee product before we contact Dell’s servers, you might have registered with a Default entitlement. In this situation, McAfee tries to reconcile your terms when they are available. You receive a full product set, and your device is protected without any intervention from you.
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