Steps to be followed:

  1. Login to K7 Security UTM
  2. Click the Configuration and navigate Email security
  3. Choose SPAM server setting and Enable the services
  4. Provide the Description and Subject on the prefix on the mail
  5. Spam score refers the score given to an email by applying a set of rules. The higher the score, the higher is the likelihood for the message to be a spam. Spam scores are used by anti-spam software’s and solutions by default value: 5 range is 0-100.
  6. Have the following Checks enabled/ disabled according to requirementRBL Check (Real-time Black hole)
    Pyzor Check
    DNS Check
    Bayes system
    Bayes Auto Learning
  7. To Whitelist / Blacklist provide Email address or Domain name.
  8. After making the necessary configuration, Click Save and Restart Service.

Note: In case of same issue or required assistance, you may raise ticket at Submit a TicketSo our Technical Support Team can assist you to resolve your query.

Source : Official K7 Computing Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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