Panda Dome Family allows you to set up general settings for all users and individual settings for specific users. For example:

General settings

  • Administrator account (Panda Account).
  • Predefined time intervals.
  • Predefined geographical areas (geo-fences).
  • Notification options:
    • Notification channel (push notifications, email, both).
    • Notification events:
      • Arrival/departure from monitored areas.
      • Low battery.
      • Attempt to use an unallowed app.
      • Usage limit reached.
      • New app installed.
      • Product uninstallation attempt.

Per-device/user settings

  • Device user profile (supervisor/supervised user).
  • User name and icon.
  • Blocked apps.
  • Time limits.
Help nº- 20191004 82045 EN

Source : Official Panda Brand
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