Steps to be followed:

1: Login to K7 Security UTM.
          2: Click on the Configuration > Alert/Logs/Reports > Email setting
          3: Select the Account > modify > enable the services
4: Mention the service name and the port number of outgoing
          5: Check the TLS/ SSL certificate if available enable
          6: Provide the authentication method and enter the login email id and password

        7: After making the necessary configuration, Click Save and Restart Service.
        8: Select the configure the service > send test mail
9: Enter the recipient address who received the alerts same for the report also.

Note: In case of same issue or required assistance, you may raise ticket at Submit a TicketSo our Technical Support Team can assist you to resolve your query.

Source : Official K7 Computing Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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