The instructions presented below will help you reset Google Chrome on Mac, in order to deal with issues caused by adware:

• Hold the Shift key (on your keyboard) and then click on the Chrome icon, from the Dock.

• Click on the Menu settings central button in the upper-right corner, go to More Tools, then select Extensions

AVFM Chrome1

• Uninstall any extensions that you didn’t install yourself and that you don’t recognize; you should look especially for: Search2me, Searchme, Ebay Shopping Assistant, Slick Savings.

1861 2

• Go to History and click on Clear browsing data.

1861 3

1861 4

• Choose From the beginning of time and click again on Clear browsing data.

1861 5

• Go to Settings, navigate to On Startup click on Set Pages and remove all the pages except for Google.

Screen 1

 Navigate to Search Engine, click on Manage Search Engines, and make sure make sure you only keep Google in the list

Screen 2

Screen 3

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