Configure, change and edit the settings of the latest program features of Trend Micro Security for Windows.

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click Settings .Main Program Settings
  2. Configure your preferred settings:Main Program Settings

    Clicking Information Icon will give you the description of each feature to help you customize your settings.

    • Select Security & Tuneup Controls > Scan Preferences to configure how the program will react to detected threats.Scan Preferences
    • Select Security & Tuneup Controls > PC Health Checkup to customize what security vulnerabilities to check and temporary files to clean.PC Health Checkup
    • Select Security & Tuneup Controls > Scheduled Scans to set when to do a Quick or Full Scan automatically.Scheduled Scans
    • Select Internet & E-mail Controls > Web Threats to adjust how the Trend Micro Toolbar checks links and websites for threats.Web Threats
    • Select Internet & E-mail Controls > Spam and emailed files to enable/disable the Antispam Toolbar.Spam & Emailed Files
    • Select Internet & E-mail Controls > Network to enable/disable the Firewall Booster.Network
    • Select Exception Lists to add/remove programs, folders, websites or wireless connections that the scans will ignore.Programs and Folders

      Exception List - Websites

      Wireless Connection

    • Select Other Settings > System Startup to adjust how Trend Micro protects you after opening your computer.System Startup
    • Select Other Settings > Network Settings to modify how Trend Micro connects to your Internet.Network Settings
    • Select Other Settings > Smart Protection Network to enable/disable how you share your computer information with Trend Micro.Smart Protection Network
    • Select Other Settings > Password to prevent unauthorized changes in the program.Password
    • Select Other Settings > Background and Animation to choose a new look and feel of your Trend Micro program.Background and Animation
    • Select Restore Default Settings to revert your program to its original settings.Restore Default Settings
  3. Click Apply, then click OK to save the changes.

Source : Official Trend Micro Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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