How does this affect my company?

Any company that stores or processes Personal Data of EU residents will be responsible for complying with the new regulations, whether or not the company is based in the EU.

What PII / Personal Data does Emsisoft store?

Emsisoft stores various pieces of user information that would be considered as Personal Data, including, but not limited to:

  • Full name. Note: You may choose a random pseudonym/nickname at any times.

  • Email address

  • Password. Note: We only store an individually salted hash of your password that doesn’t allow us or anyone else to restore or see it.

  • Postal address. Note: Only if you require your full address on invoices, ie. business orders.

  • IP address.

  • Machine-ID hash. Note: A unique hash of a combination of several hardware component serials, used to assign and protect licenses. Serials can’t be restored from the hash.

  • License key.

  • Location on country level. Note: Based on publicly available information about your IP.

We explicitly do not store any credit card information, as online orders are processed by our trusted e-commerce partners.

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For a more detailed list of the types of data we collect, store, and use, please review our updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Will I be GDPR compliant when using Emsisoft as my anti-virus and anti-malware software?

Emsisoft is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. This means that you are compliant when using Emsisoft as an anti-virus and anti-malware security program for your own GDPR compliance. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Does Emsisoft send my data to any third parties?

Yes. Emsisoft uses third-party applications to host customer data, provide other infrastructure, and perform other service functions. We have updated our Privacy Policy with details of all our third-party suppliers for your review. You can choose to permit or restrict Third Party Services for your Workspace. Typically, Third Party Services are software that integrate with our Services, and you can permit its Authorized Users to enable and disable these integrations for your Workspace.

Does any of my company data leave the EU?

Yes. Emsisoft uses third-party applications to host customer data, provide other infrastructure, and perform other service functions. Some of these third-party services are hosted outside of the EU. All of our third party service providers are hosted in countries which obey strict and lawful standards of security.

We’re not an EU-based company nor do we serve EU Citizens, will you treat our data differently?

No. We provide all our customers the same level of data security regardless of location and nationality.

Should this affect my decision to choose Emsisoft?

There is no need to worry about GDPR compliance with Emsisoft. Emsisoft’s Terms of Service, along with our Privacy Policy will cover GDPR requirements when using us as an antivirus and anti-malware as part of your security program.

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