The Automatic Renewal is a service that automatically renews the subscription of your product just before it expires. This way, your protection is ensured at all times.

How does the Automatic Renewal work?

The Automatic Renewal service can be enabled or disabled during the purchasing process from the Panda Security website. If you leave the service enabled, a month before the subscription of your product expires, and with prior notice, Panda will charge the invoice to your credit card.

Please note that the license period of your product once renewed will begin once the subscription ends, not when the payment is actually carried out.

The Automatic Renewal is enabled by default to make things easier to our customers. However, the service is optional and can be disabled at any time. For example, during the purchasing process, by clicking the information icon next to the Automatic Renewal service and selecting the Manual Renewal option.

You can also disable the Automatic Renewal service from the Panda Account.

Source : Official Panda Brand
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