You can use one of the three following options for a silent (command line) uninstallation with password (The password is stored in the Avira products).

This procedure is only applicable to Avira Business Products.

  • A reboot will be performed automatically

[Avira Program Directory]\SETUP.EXE /remsilent /password=”<Your password>”

  • The reboot is performed with a confirmation.

[Avira Program Directory]\SETUP.EXE /remsilentaskreboot /password=”<Your password>”

  • No reboot is performed. Please restart the system manually before installing a new product.

[Avira Program Directory]\SETUP.EXE /remsilentnoreboot /password=”<Your password>”


The uninstallation will also work without the “Password” parameter if no password protection is set on the Avira installation.

Source : Official Avira Brand
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