In order to simplify the installation of Avira products in a network with several client computers for the system administrator, your Avira product offers a special procedure for initial and change installation.

For automatic installation, the setup program works with the control file setup.inf. The setup program (presetup.exe) is included in the installation package of the program.

The installation is started with a script or a batch file and receives all necessary information from the control file. The commands in the script replace the usual manual entries during installation.

With a login script on the server, Avira products can be conveniently distributed in the network.

For the first installation in a network, a license file is mandatory.
A network installation requires an installation package for the Avira product. Internet-based installation files cannot be used.

Installation prerequisites

  1. Download the installation file.

    We recommend testing the automatic installation before performing the installation routine in the network. For this purpose, it is advisable to work with local path specifications and not store the data on a network drive. For a later installation from the network, it is recommended to use the UNC path.

  2. Unzip the installation file.

    A predefined setup.inf can be found in the “en-us” directory, which you can customize.
    The directory differs depending on the language of the operating system.
    (Alternatively, you can find a setup.inf in the appendix of this article, which can be customized).

  3. Automatically install Avira products in your network.
    • Administrator rights are required (also required in batch mode)
    • The parameters of the inf file must be configured and saved.
    • Start the installation with the /inf parameter or include the parameter in the login script. The installation will run automatically.

      setup.exe /inf=”c:\temp\setup.inf”
      Hint: In dependence of the language it could also be presetup.exe.
      (In some cases setup.exe does not work)

      Parameters that contain path specifications or file names must be enclosed in quotation marks. (Example: InstallPath=”%PROGRAMFILES%\Avira\AntiVir Server\”).

Parameters of the setup.inf file

You will find the files on an already installed system under the following path:

  • Configuration file: C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\CONFIG\avwin.ini
  • License file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\Antiv

You can eighter use the avwin.ini file from a configured system or the attached predefined file and change it with the specified parameters.


The target path where the program will be installed must be specified in the script. Make sure that the setup automatically includes company and product names.

You can use environment variables for this.

e.g. C:\Programs\Avira\AntiVir Desktop


A program group is created for all users of a computer within the Windows Start menu.

1: Create a program group
0: Do not create a program group
Example: ProgramGroup=1


Creates a linked desktop icon for all users.

1: Create a desktop icon
0: Do not create a desktop icon
Example: DesktopIcon=1


With this command, the shell extension logs into the registry. The shell extension can be used to scan files or directories for viruses and malware using the right mouse button context menu.

1: Login the shell extension
0: Do not login shell extension
Example: ShellExtension=1


The Guard installs the Avira Real-Time scanner (on-access scanner).

1: Install the Avira real-time scanner
0: Do not install Avira the Avira real-time scanner
Example: Guard=1


The MailScanner installs the Avira Email Protection.

1: Install Avira Email Protection
0: Do not install Avira Email Protection
Example: MailScanner = 1


The KeyFile specifies the path of the license file that will be copied during installation.

For an initial installation: mandatory. The file name must be entered completely (fully qualified).
For a change installation: optional.



This parameter restarts the computer after the installation. This entry has a higher priority than ShowRestartMessage.

1: Restart the computer
0: Do not restart the computer
Example: RestartWindows=1


This displays an information before an automatic restart during setup.

1: Display information
0: Do not display information
Example: ShowRestartMessage=1


It is not required for an initial installation.

The setup program detects whether an initial installation is being performed and determines the type of installation.

If an existing installation already exists, the setup mode must be used to specify whether it is an update, modification (reconfiguration) or uninstallation.

Update: Apply settings and update files (repair installation)
Modify: Install new program features using SETUP.INF, update files. (Change installation)
Remove: Uninstalls your Avira product from the system.
Example: SetupMode=Modify

AVWinIni (optional)

Specifies the destination path to the configuration file that might be copied during installation. The file name must be specified completely (fully qualified).



This option forwards to the setup routine the password that was set for the (modification) installation and uninstallation.

The entry is only checked by the setup routine if a password has been set. If the password parameter is missing or wrong, the setup routine will be aborted.

Example: Password=Password123


This will install the Avira Browser Protection.

1: Install Avira Browser Protection
0: Do not install Avira Browser Protection
Example: WebGuard=1


This parameter installs the Avira Rootkits Protection module. Without Avira Rootkits Protection, the scanner cannot search for rootkits on the system!

1: Install Avira Rootkits Protection
0: Do not install Avira Rootkits Protection
Example: RootKit=1


This option enables you to install the Windows Firewall management feature. Starting with Windows Vista, the Windows Firewall is managed by the Avira product.

1: Install the Windows Firewall Management component.
0: Do not install the Windows Firewall management component.
Example: MgtFirewall=1

Configuration of the Firewall parameters

You can set the following parameters in the [DATA] area of the setup.inf control file for the automatic installation of the Avira product. The sequence of the parameters is irrelevant.

If a parameter is missing or incorrectly set, the setup routine aborts with an error message.

A predefined configuration can also be specified during a silent installation. You receive this when you install and configure a system manually.

You will find the files on an already installed system under the following path:

Configuration fileC:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\CONFIG\avwin.ini
License fileC:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\Antiv

Source : Official Avira Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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