Controlled blue screens are a safe and useful way to diagnose complete system hangs or freezes. Due to the size of the resulting memory dumps (a kernel or full memory dump is required) though we will explicitly ask you to perform a controlled blue screen. So there is no reason to keep this option enabled all the time. The easiest way to access the controlled blue screen feature is through BellaVista:

  • Download BellaVista from the author’s home page.
  • Just unpack the downloaded ZIP file and execute the BellaVista.exe in the directory that matches your system’s architecture (“win32” for 32bit systems and “x64” for 64bit systems).
  • Switch to the “Crash Dump” tab.
  • Enable or disable the “Enable manual system crash after pressing Ctrl + Scroll Lock” option and press the “Apply Custom” button. The Windows default is disabled.
  • Reboot the system so the changes to your configuration become active.

If the feature is enabled you can cause Windows to blue screen and write a memory dump by tapping the Scroll Lock key twice while holding down the right CTRL key.

Source : Official EMSISOFT Brand
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