Surf Protection in Emsisoft Anti-Malware prevents programs from resolving the IP addresses of blocked hosts/domains. Without the IP, no connection can be made. This protection is automatically compatible with all browsers and other applications that access the Internet, without requiring the installation of special extensions or add-ons, etc.

If you would prefer to allow a particular domain that was blocked, you can overwrite an internal host rule with a user created host rule.

How to create or modify a rule

Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware and go to the “Protection” section, then switch to the menu item “Web Protection”. Below the list of “Host Rules” click the “Add new rule” button

Enter the domain name into the textbox and select “Don’t block” as the “Implemented action”. Confirm your choice by clicking OK

Keep in mind that you can block or allow all subdomains of a domain by using wildcards. E.g. use *.test.com to specify all subdomains like www.test.com, ads.test.com, etc. The results should appear as shown in the following screenshots

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