In order to add additional sites to your account in Systems Management (PCSM), follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Administration console.
  2. Click the Sites tab.
  3. Click New site.
  4. Complete the Name and Description fields.
  5. Select the type of profile you require. Either Managed 24-hr Audit, Monitor or Support and Report.
  6. Select proxy type – if the PCSM agent will be connecting to the PCSM Server via a proxy server then enter these details here. This needs doing before the profile agent is created and downloaded.

    If no proxy is selected and the agent cannot connect directly, it will try to connect using the proxy configurations in Internet Explorer.

  7. Select the Security level.
  8. Once the required information and configurations have been made, press Save.
  9. The new Site will appear in the Sites list.
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