• If you have a valid subscription:

    • Sign in to the SCC.
    • Go to the My subscriptions tab.
    • Open the Subscription management section.

    If you use Dr.Web to protect multiple devices, specify the device for which you want to renew your subscription.

    If you want to renew the service for all of your devices, select all.

    If you took out a subscription, for example, to cover three devices, but you want to renew your subscription for two of those devices, select the first device, and then, while pressing and holding down the Ctrl button, click on the second device.

    • Select the action Get Dr.Web.
    • Check the parameters for the new subscription: the subscription package, the number of devices, and the subscription period.
    • Click on Get Dr.Web.

    Do not disable the automatic renewal option—that way your subscription will automatically be renewed for the same term and Dr.Web will never stop protecting your devices, provided your account balance is positive.

    The new term will be added to the term of your valid subscription.

    And don’t forget to refill your balance! In order for Dr.Web’s protection to remain active, your account balance must always be positive. Because even if you renew your subscription, but your balance is low, your subscription will be suspended, and your Dr.Web protection will be disabled.

    Source : Official Dr.Web Brand
    Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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