• To be able to download the Dr.Web anti-virus, you must first subscribe.
  • If you use the credit payment method, after you subscribe and log in to the SCC, the My subscriptions page will open. You can download Dr.Web in the Download and install Dr.Web area. If you use the advance payment method, downloading will be available to you after you pay for your subscription.
  • In the Device name list, select an ID from the list.#drweb
  • In the Download and install Dr.Web area, select the operating system for which you need the anti-virus, and click on the Download button. Download the small installation file, and install the Dr.Web anti-virus on your PC.

If you are a first-time subscriber, you can read the installation instructions in the Self-support section before installing Dr.Web (you can read the instructions or watch the video tutorial).

Once you download and install Dr.Web, information showing that you have done that will appear on your My subscriptions page in the subscription information section next to the name of the computer on which you installed Dr.Web.

Your Dr.Web protection starts working from the moment you install Dr.Web on your device, and not from the moment you subscribe!

Source : Official Dr.Web Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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