• Sign in to the SCC.
    • In the upper-right corner of the screen, click on the widget with the question mark.
    • In the newly appeared window, you will see a list of your requests with their various statuses—if you’ve contacted the support service in the past.
  • If you need to ask a new question, click on the button to create a new request.
    • On the next page, select the topic of your question.

    If the question relates to subscription management, payment, or difficulties encountered when working with the Subscription Control Center, select Subscription management / Payment.

    If you have any questions concerning how the Dr.Web anti-virus is working on your PC or mobile device, or if you need advice on how to configure its components or update the virus databases, etc. — select Dr.Web program operation / suggestions for improving the anti-virus.

    If you encounter a virus incident or your computer is acting strangely and you suspect that it could be infected, select Virus detection/removal.

    If your request does not relate to any of the above topics or you wish to tell Doctor Web about the quality of your service supplier’s work, select Feedback on the work of Doctor Web and its partners/offers.

    • If you selected Dr.Web program operation or Virus detection/removal, in the next step, specify the operating system running on your device.
    • Next, you will see a page containing your personal data.

      Please make sure your email is correct — the support service will send their response to this address.

      If an incorrect email address was indicated, go to your Profile, and specify the correct one.

      If you do not do that, we won’t be able to deliver the answer to your mailbox.

      But the support service’s response won’t be lost — you can read it in the same support widget, in the section where the requests have the Your response needed status. But it is better if your address in the Profile section is always valid.

    • In the last step, write your question. To help the support service solve your problem, you can attach to your request files, screenshots, or the anti-virus activity log.
    • Submit your request to the support service.
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The history of all your requests is stored in the Subscription Control Center for the duration of your account’s lifetime.

You can also contact the Doctor Web technical support service by right-clicking on the spider icon in the system tray and, selecting Tools — Support.

This option is available after you install the Dr.Web Anti-virus and if you have Internet access.

Source : Official Dr.Web Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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