The Help screen provides answers to common questions about Malwarebytes for iOS.

  • Submit feedback: Directs you to a survey to provide feedback about the app.
  • Submit a help request: Opens a report to send for found issues with the app. For more information, see Report a problem with Malwarebytes for iOS.
  • Search for answers: Opens your browser to the Malwarebytes Support site where you can find answers to the top questions being asked.
  • Rate this app: Rates Malwarebytes for iOS in the Apple Store.
  • Share this app: Sends an invitation to your friends and family to download Malwarebytes for iOS. For more information, see Sharing purchases via Apple’s Family Sharing.
  • Security news: Views a feed of articles from the Malwarebytes blog from within the app. For more information, see Read Security News in Malwarebytes on iOS device.
  • User Guide: Directs you to the Malwarebytes for iOS product guide.
  • License agreement: Links you the Malwarebytes Software License Agreement.
  • Privacy policy: Applies to Malwarebytes websites and products and describes how Malwarebytes collects, uses, shares and secures your personal information.

Source : Official Malwarebytes Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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