This article will guide you through the first steps you need to take in order to fully benefit from the protection provided by G DATA for your PC.

The Registration Process: When you first purchase a G DATA license, you receive a Registration Number (a.k.a.: License Key).
Your license is inactive (and does not expire!) until you use this Registration Number to activate any of your G DATA products.
This step is called the Registration Process.

After it, you will receive a set of Login Credentials (User Name and Password) via email and you will need to use those to activate the program on any additional computers if you have a multi-PC license, or to reactivate the program in case of a re-installation on the same PC.

The Registration Process can be skipped if you have purchased the product from our official website and have left the option “Software activation” checked during the purchase.
In that case you immediately receive your User Name and Password via email instead of the Registration Number.

In summary: you only need to use your Registration Number once to activate the license and from then on you will need to use your User Name and Password for any additional activation.
If you left the option “Software activation” checked during the purchase, then this step will be skipped.

To learn how to install and activate your product using your Login Credentials, check the following article:

How to install and activate your G DATA product for Windows (Using your Login Credentials)

Once the product is installed, it is recommended to update it.

To following article will guide you through the different update options:

How to update G DATA for Windows

You can now enjoy all of the benefits provided to you by your G DATA software.

Source : Official G Data Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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