You can schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports that contain information about the status of the service and connected devices.

You can download reports as pdf files from the portal when they are ready.

To create a new report:

    1. Log in to the portal with your email address and password.

The Home view opens.

    1. Select the Reports tab.

The Reports view contains all scheduled reports that have been created.

    1. Select Add new to create a new report.

      Note: To edit a report, open the Actions menu and select Edit.

The Scheduled report setup page opens.

  1. Fill out the report form.
      1. In Report name, type in the report name (for example, “Weekly report”).
      2. In Frequency, select how often you want to schedule the report. By default, the frequency is Weekly.
        • Weekly generates a report every Monday for the previous week.
        • Monthly generates a report the first day of the following month for the previous month.
        • Daily generates a report every day at 3 AM for the previous day.
      3. In Scope, select the company for which to create the report.
      4. In Timezone, select the timezone that you want to use in the report.

    This setting affects the data included in the report. It also determines the dates and times used in the report.

    1. In Contents, Select the information that you want to include in the report.
    2. Select Save to add the new report to the scheduled reports list.
  2. To download the report when it is ready, select the down arrow icon to expand the entry and then select the report that you want to download.

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