True Key lets you log on to your favorite websites automatically. It auto-saves your passwords as you log on to different websites (with your permission). It then auto-fills your passwords for you when you visit those websites again. You get instant access to your websites without having to struggle with hard-to-remember passwords.

Why is there now an ‘extension-only’ version?
Until early 2017, True Key was available only as an app which you installed on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Because not everyone wants to install an app, we have also made True Key available as a smaller, extension-only version which you install in your web browser.

You have the choice of using one of two versions of True Key:

  • The full True Key app, which you install on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.
  • The extension-only version, which you install only in your web browser, just like any other browser extension.
TIP: A browser extension is a small program that lets your web browser do new or more things. Most browser extensions work by adding a toolbar with special functions into the browser’s menu.

The extension-only version of True Key manages your passwords, helping you to log on to your favorite websites quickly and easily.

What are the differences between the extension-only version and the full True Key app?
There are some important differences between the app and the extension-only version. See the table below for details:

Feature True Key app Extension-only
Web browser support Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge*
Platform support Android and iOS Mac and PC
Log on with fingerprint Yes§ No
Log on with face Yes Yes
Password import Yes Yes
Disk space required 120 MB 20 MB
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* Initially only Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are supported. Support for Internet Explorer is coming soon.
§ Log on with fingerprint is only available on some Android or iOS devices.
Additional 75 MB download required for Log in with face, or Password import with the extension-only version.

How do I install the extension-only version of True Key?
To install the extension, follow these steps. Remember, the True Key extension can only be added to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge now. Support for Internet Explorer is coming soon:

  1. Go to https://www.truekey.com.
  2. Click the Download – it’s free button. If you are a new user who has never installed True Key before on this computer, a message similar to the following appears:

    True Key install page in Microsoft Edge

    The example above is from Microsoft Edge. Other browsers display a different message. For example, in Firefox, you see:

    True key extension pop-up screen in Firefox

    NOTE: If you do not see a dialog, you might already have the full True Key app installed. If so, you must first uninstall the full app before you can install the extension-only version.

  3. Click Add extensionAllow, or Get, depending on your browser. True Key is added to your browser.
  4. When the installation completes, click Let’s go, and fill in the details to create your profile.
  5. Confirm your master password when prompted. This password is the last one you must remember.
  6. Follow the steps to add your first login.
  7. Watch for an email from [email protected]. When you see the email, open it and click the confirmation link inside.

How do I access True Key in my browser?
Look for the True Key icon in the extensions area of your browser. For example, in Chrome, True Key can be accessed from the top right of your browser:

True Key plug-in icon

Click this icon to open the True Key dashboard in your browser.

Can I have both versions installed?
Yes. But if you are considering having both installed, be aware of the following:

  • If you have the extension-only version installed, you can later install the full True Key app (essentially upgrading to the full features) with no problem.
  • If you have the full True Key app installed and want to use the extension-only version, you must first uninstall the full app. Then download and install the extension as described above.

Source : Official McAfee Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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