This topic only applies to you if you have a TOTAL subscription.

A new app called ID PROTECTION has now replaced KEY in My F-Secure as part of our new offering to prevent identity theft. ID PROTECTION offers not only a password manager, but also email monitoring to keep track of data breaches and other cyber-security incidents that may affect your passwords and personal data.

With F-Secure TOTAL, the number of ID PROTECTION licenses and monitored items is determined by your TOTAL subscription. For example, if you have a 5-device subscription, you can have ID PROTECTION on five devices with up to 10 email addresses monitored.

As with your other TOTAL apps, you install ID PROTECTION on mobile and desktop devices through My F-Secure with your account credentials.

If you already have F-Secure KEY in use on a device, your passwords in KEY can be transferred to ID PROTECTION.

Before you start, check the following:

  • Make sure that you have linked your KEY app to your TOTAL subscription.
  • Release your KEY licenses in My F-Secure for those devices with KEY installed.

If you have KEY on a desktop, move ID PROTECTION to your desktop first.

  1. Take ID PROTECTION into use on your desktop:
    1. Log in to your My F-Secure account.
    2. From TOTAL apps, select ID PROTECTION.
    3. Select Install ID PROTECTION and go through the installation.

      Tip: If you have had all of the KEY licenses in use, a notification No licenses available appears. Release your KEY licenses as follows:

      1. Choose the device you want to release, then select Release.
      2. Select Confirm to release the license.
      3. Name the device in ID PROTECTION and select Continue to continue with the setup.
    4. Open ID PROTECTION on your desktop and enter the same master password as for KEY.
    5. Select Vault to see the passwords and personal data from KEY.
  2. Take ID PROTECTION into use on your mobile:
      1. Install ID PROTECTION from My F-Secure or from the respective app store, Google Play or App Store.
      2. Enter your account credentials and select Log in, if needed.
      3. Finish the setup until you see “Your subscription is now active” on the screen, then select I have ID PROTECTION on another device.
      4. Now on your desktop, open ID PROTECTION.
      5. On the left panel in the menu, select Connect devices.

    The Connect devices page opens, showing a sync code.

      1. Go back to ID PROTECTION on your mobile, and in Enter Sync Code, enter the sync code from the desktop, and select CONNECT.

    Wait until the setup is complete.

    1. When prompted, enter the master password used on your desktop, and select Confirm.
    2. Select Vault to see the data synced from ID PROTECTION on your desktop.
    3. Uninstall KEY from your mobile.
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Note: Select this option if you have previously used F-Secure KEY.

Important: We strongly recommend that you create an F-Secure ID PROTECTION master password recovery code as soon as you have taken F-Secure ID PROTECTION into use. The recovery code is the only way for you to regain your F-Secure ID PROTECTION master password if you forget it.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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