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This document contains the latest information about the F-Secure Client Security for Mac 13.11 release. We recommend that you read the entire document before installing the product.

F-Secure Client Security for Mac is a product that provides the same services as F-Secure Safe Anywhere for Mac. In this release, Mac clients report basic statistics to Policy Manager. Remote configuration via policies is not supported.

Fixed issues

  • Fixes for Browsing protection extensions on all browsers

Installation and system requirements

Installation procedure

It is strongly recommended that you remove all other security products before installation.

Import the product installation JAR package to Policy Manager Console. To create a customized installer configured to run with your specific instance of Policy Manager Server, use the export tool in F-Secure Policy Manager Console. The export wizard will guide you through the procedure and collect all the required information and produce a Multipackage installer script (MPKG) that you should copy and launch on target workstations. Consult the F-Secure Policy Manager Administrator’s Guide for the full step-by-step instructions on how to use the export tool.

Important notes:

  • Do not change the file name of the installer script, as the information required to connect to Policy Manager Server is encoded into it.
  • Protection Service for Business (PSB) licensing backend is used for keycode validation. Client Security for Mac downloads updates only from F-Secure’s GUTS2 server, guts2.sp.f-secure.com, downloading updates from Policy Manager Server is not supported. If outbound connectivity is restricted, the related firewall rule needs to be added (access to http://psb1-bw.sp.f-secure.com/ and http://guts2.sp.f-secure.com/).

Operating systems supported

  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • macOS version 10.12 “Sierra”

OS X  version 10.11 “El Capitan” is no longer supported.

System requirements

The recommended system requirements are:

  • Intel processor
  • 250 MB of free disk space
  • 1 GB or more of memory is recommended
  • Internet Connection: An Internet connection is required to validate your subscription and receive updates

Supported browsers

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Supported versions of F-Secure Policy Manager

  • F-Secure Policy Manager 13.x


Localizations are enabled for following 30 languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, French (Canadian), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and Simplified Chinese.

Known limitations


  • Does not detect conflicting products.
    We recommend that you remove all other security products before installation.


  • Installation of large application bundles might slow down.
    Real-time scanning may slow down the installation of large application bundles.

Browsing Protection:

  • Website will bypass block pages when “Security Cloud” is not available.
    When “Security Cloud” is not available, users may be able to visit any website regardless of the settings.
  • Connection problems with proxy.
    If proxy is changed while the software is running, the computer may need to be restarted for the product to take the new proxy into use.
  • Browsing protection and Banking protection are not enabled by default in Chrome Incognito mode.
    Users can enable the features for Chrome Incognito mode by going to Chrome → Preferences → Extensions and checking ‘Allow in incognito’ for the ‘Browsing Protection by F-Secure’ extension.
  • All banking sites are not yet classified as banks.
    If you were expecting a banking notification but it did not show up, please submit the banking URL through https://analysis.f-secure.com/

Known issues


  • Computer may temporarily hang while a Time Capsule disk is being unmounted.
    Sometimes real-time scanning might cause the computer to slow down or hang while a Time Capsule disk is being unmounted. Restarting the computer resolves the issue.

Browsing Protection:

  • Third-party accessibility tools like Better Touch Tool or MagicPrefs prevent installation of the Browsing protection extension for Safari.
  • Restarting in safe mode disables MagicPrefs and other accessibility software and allow the extension to be installed. Another workaround is to quit the MagicPrefs app from the system menu bar and then try installing the extension again.
  • Product will warn about missing browser extensions even when Browsing protection is disabled.
    Installing browser extensions stops the warnings from appearing.

Contact information and feedback

We are looking forward to hearing comments and feedback on the product functionality, usability and performance.

Please report any technical issues through the F-Secure support web site:


If you are reporting a technical problem, please attach the F-Secure system summary report to the feedback. To collect the system summary report, you need to have administrator rights.

  • In Finder, go to the product folder in Applications, run the Support Tool, and follow the instructions. The fsdiag.tar.gz system report file is created on the Desktop.

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Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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