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This API is not available for Office 365 Cloud App Security.

The Entities API provides you with basic information about the users and accounts using your organization’s cloud apps, allowing you to understand service use patterns.

The following lists the supported requests:


For information about how filters work, see Filters.

The following table describes the supported filters:

Filter Type Operators Description
type string eq, neq Filter entities by their type
isAdmin string eq Filter entities that are admins
entity entity pk eq, neq Filter entities with specific entities pks. If a user is selected, will also return all of its accounts. Example: [{ "id": "entity-id", "saas": 11161, "inst": 0 }]
userGroups string eq, neq Filter entities by their associated group IDs
app integer eq, neq Filter entities using services with the specified SaaS ID for example: 11770
instance integer eq, neq Filter entities using services with the specified Appstances (SaaS ID and Instance ID), for example: 11770, 1059065
isExternal boolean eq The entity’s affiliation. Possible values include:

true: External
false: Internal
null: No value

domain string eq, neq, isset, isnotset The entity’s related domain
organization string eq, neq, isset, isnotset Filter entities with the specified organization unit
status string eq, neq Filter entities by status. Possible values include:

0: N/A
1: Staged
2: Active
3: Suspended
4: Deleted

score integer lt, gt, isset, isnotset Filter entities by their Investigation Priority Score

If you run into any problems, we’re here to help. To get assistance or support for your product issue, please open a support ticket.

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