Avira Prime customers can now use the Breach Monitor included in the product’s Smart Scan.

Customers without an Avira Prime license will have to upgrade before they can use the Breach Monitor.

What is a data breach and why does Avira notify me?

A data breach occurs when unauthorized third parties gain access to a company’s sensitive data where your data is stored. Data breaches can be caused by intentional exploits as well as by deficiencies in a company’s infrastructure.

Avira Breach Monitor scans the internet and informs you if your email address is part of a data breach. To be on the safe side, we recommend you change your password.


Should your email be part of a data breach, it does not mean that someone has access to your user accounts on the internet.

We recommend you use strong and unique passwords for your user accounts to make them more secure. This will prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your user accounts by using the breached data and changing your passwords for those affected websites.

Enable Avira Breach Monitor

  1. Perform a Smart Scan.
    After the smart scan, Breach Monitor is listed in the privacy area of the results page as Breach monitor inactive.
  2. Click Breach Monitor inactive.
  3. Check the box to activate Breach Monitor.
    With Breach Monitor activated, your email address will be monitored and you’l be alerted via email if your address is involved in a data breach.
  4. Click Back and then Fix issues to continue.

To deactivate Breach Monitor, open any Avira Breach Monitor Alert email and unsubscribe from it. The feature will then be deactivated and displayed in the smart scan results page as Breach monitor inactive.

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