Sophos Home will block bad websites known to contain malware. On some occasions, customers may need to turn off this feature for troubleshooting purposes.

Note: This feature is on by default and should only be disabled temporarily for testing or configuration.

  1. Access your Sophos Home dashboard  -If you do not have an account, use SSO instead.
  2. If you have multiple devices protected with Sophos Home, select the one you are working in as shown below. Otherwise go to step three.
  3. Click PROTECTION Web and locate the Web Protection settingmceclip1.png

  4. Click on the button to turn OFF web protection (it will turn gray).
  5. Once you are done with troubleshooting/testing, we strongly recommend to re-enable Web protection.

Note: If you believe a website has been incorrectly blocked, first, ensure you do not have any blocked categories set up  and please submit a sample to Sophos Labs for review: Submit a web address sample

Source : Official Sophos Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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