You can use this scan type to individually configure the scan behavior to suit your needs.

Use the Add folder and Remove folder buttons to add or remove folders to be scanned.

Under Scan Objects you can enable or disable the following options:

  • Scan for active Rootkits – Rootkits are a type of Malware that manipulate the system in a way that causes it not to show specific information or files anymore.
  • Scan memory for active Malware – Scans all currently loaded programs and their components.
  • Scan for Malware Traces – Malware Traces are manipulated registry settings or non-executable Malware data or configuration files that are indicative of an infection.

If you only want to scan files within a certain folder, you will want to disable the above options as they apply to scanning for Malware system wide rather than only in selected folders.

Under Scan Settings you can configure detailed settings for the actual scan by enabling or disabling the following options:

  • Detect Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) – PUPs are applications that are usually bundled with and installed alongside other useful programs, which causes many users to install them accidentally. Although they are not a security risk, they can affect your computer’s performance and speed, and in some cases cause a change in behavior.
  • Scan in compressed archives (zip, rar, cab) – Malware sometimes hides in compressed archives. Please note that scanning of archives may take extra time.
  • Scan in email data files – Supported formats include Outlook, Thunderbord, The Bat! and more. Please note that scanning of such files may take a while.
  • Scan in NTFS Alternate Data Streams – Data streams are hidden layers in regular files that may be used to hide malicious code.
  • Use direct disk access – Direct disk access is a more effective (but slower) alternative method of reading files from the hard disk for scanning. It should be used only for finding Rootkits, not for scanning the entire hard disk.

If you wish to repeat a Custom Scan in the future, you can save the configuration to a scan settings file via the Save settings. button and load it at any time via the Load settings button.

Click the Next button to start the Custom Scan.

Source : Official EMSISOFT Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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