You can create tickets on the Vulnerabilities page, as well as from the results of a system scan or web scan.

Tickets in Elements Vulnerability Management allow you to track how the detected vulnerabilities are handled and mitigated. Each ticket can contain multiple vulnerabilities, which can be grouped, for example, based on either the target network segment or the type of vulnerability.

To create a ticket:

    1. Select the vulnerabilities that you want to include in the ticket.

On the Vulnerabilities page:

  1. Select one or more of the listed vulnerabilities.
  2. Click Create new ticket.

From the results of a network vulnerability scan:

  1. In the List view on the Network scans page, click the menu icon in the Actions column.
  2. Select View scan results.
  3. Open Scan results > Vulnerabilities and findings and select any of the listed vulnerabilities.
  4. Click Create new ticket.

Both of these options open the Create new ticket wizard. All instances of the selected vulnerabilities are automatically included in the Vulnerabilities list for the new ticket.

    1. If you want to deselect any vulnerabilities from the ticket, click the Grouped by vulnerability switch to expand the listed items and clear the selection for that vulnerability.

By default, all vulnerabilities are selected.

    1. Click Next.
    2. Enter a name and description for the ticket.

You can set a deadline for when the ticket should be resolved and provide an estimate of the amount of work involved.

    1. Assign a user to the ticket and set the priority.
    2. Click Finish.

The ticket is added to the list on the Tickets page.

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