There are two common ways to do this next step in evaluation. This document assumes you already have a production Microsoft 365 tenant, and will activate E5 trial licenses to evaluate Microsoft 365 Defender in the current environment. An in-place evaluation will let you keep any security methods with the purchase of licenses after the evaluation period.

The second is to Set up your Microsoft 365 Defender trial lab environment for the purpose of evaluation. Note that it may not have many real signals from the business.

To activate E5 trial licenses to evaluate Microsoft 365 Defender

  1. Log on to your existing Microsoft 365 tenant administration portal.
  2. Select Purchase Services from the navigation menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Office 365 section and select Details button under Office 365 E5 license.

    The Office 365 section has a Details button to click.

  4. Select Start free trial link.

    Click 'Start free trial' (there's a 35$ fee).

  5. Confirm your request and click Try now button.

    There is a 'Try Now' button on the 'Check out, confirm your order' panel (for an Office 365 E5 trial of a month for 25 users).

Source : Official Microsoft Brand
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