Instructions on how to configure the F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection iOS app in Miradore MDM.

    1. On the Miradore administration portal, double-click the Mobile Protection entry on the Application list.
    2. Go to the Configuration tab and select Add new.

The Create configuration setting view opens.

    1. Add the following values for the first setting:
      • Setting: fate_registration_key
      • Data type: String
      • Value: Enter your subscription key
    2. Select Add to add the new setting to the configuration.
    3. Select Add to add the new setting to the configuration.

After you have configured these two mandatory settings, you can add optional settings.

  1. To add user details, select Add new and use the following values:

    Tip: User details can help you to identify devices.

    Setting Data type User variable
    first_name String Select User > Firstname
    last_name String Select User > Lastname
    email String Select User > Email address
    alias String Select Email > User display name

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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