You can use templates to configure multiple system scans at a time (recommended), or you can configure individual scans.

A scan template is assigned to a scan group and the template is applied to all hosts within that group.

To configure system scans, define the desired port range to scan and if needed, modify the performance settings.

Tip: We recommend that you use the default settings.

To configure a system scan:

  1. To configure a single system scan:
    1. Go to the Network scans page.
    2. Click the menu icon and select Add system scans.
    3. Configure the scan as needed.
    4. Click Finish.
  2. To configure a system scan template:
    1. Go to the Templates page.
    2. On the Network scan templates tab, click Add system scan template or click the menu icon in the actions column and select Edit to edit an existing template.

      Note: Elements Vulnerability Management has some built-in templates that cannot be edited.

    3. Configure the template as needed and save your changes.
    4. On the Network scans page, go to Group view.
    5. Click the menu icon next to the group name and select Edit scan group.
    6. Click Next to go to the System scans page.
    7. Select the template that you created or edited, and decide if you want to overwrite the existing scan configuration.
    8. Click Next until you reach the Summary page, then click Finish to save your changes.

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