Scan nodes can be configured via the control center application.

    1. Find the scan node installation directory (e.g. [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\RadarScanAgent\).
    2. Start the control center application FSRadarAgent.Tray.exe.
    3. Go to the Settings tab to find all the configuration options.

The most important configuration options are:

ID Name Value (recommended) Description
4 SCANNODE.​ModuleLoopInterval 14400000 How often the scan node should check for updates in milliseconds. The default is every 4 hours.
10-12 Module.​{Scan​Engine​Name}.​Enabled True Defines which scan engines are enabled on the scan node.
13-15 Module.​{Scan​Engine​Name}.​ScanNodeId GUID The unique identifier for each scan engine module.
The IDs are used when new scan nodes are added to the Elements Security Center.
19-21 Module.​{Scan​Engine​Name}.​Max​Simultaneous​Scans DiscoveryScan: 10 SystemScan: 30 WebScan: 5 These values control the maximum number of simultaneous scans that the scan node is allowed to run.
Too high values might result in open ports being missed during port scanning.
127 Communication.​Web​Serivce.​Updates.​Skip​SSL​Certificate​Validation False Skip certificate validation while connecting to Radar Update Service.
128 Communication.​Web​Serivce.​Security​Centre.​Skip​SSL​Certificate​Validation False Skip certificate validation while connecting to the Elements Security Center.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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