This topic lists useful commands for modifying the Linux scan node configuration.

    1. Run the following command to go to the Scan Node Agent installation directory:

cd /opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent

    1. Use the following commands to edit the settings:

To get all settings:

sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll get-config

To get a single setting, for example to check the entry that indicates whether or not the Scan Node Agent’s private IP address is sent to the Elements Security Center:

sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll get-config HidePrivateIp

To modify multiple settings using a file, for example custom_config:

sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll set-config <custom_config

Note: The custom_config file that you use must follow the same format as the output of the get-config command.

To modify a single setting, for example the maximum number of simultaneous system scans:

sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll set-config SystemScan.MaxSimultaneousScans 12

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