The Public Wi-Fi Profile adjusts product settings to give you the possibility to make payments online and use sensitive information in a protected environment. Sending e-mails, typing sensitive credentials, or shopping online while connected to unsafe wireless networks can expose your personal data to risk.

While running in the Public Wi-Fi profile, Bitdefender is set to automatically accomplish the following program settings:

• Advanced Threat Defense is turned on

• The Bitdefender Firewall is turned on, and the following settings are applied to your wireless adapter:

• Stealth mode-ON

• Network type-Public

• The following settings from Online Threat Prevention are turned on:

• Encrypted web scan

• Fraud protection

• Phishing protection

To configure Bitdefender to apply product settings while connected to an unsafe wireless network:

1. Click the Utilities icon on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface.

2. Click Settings in the Profiles section.

3. Click the Configure button from the Public Wi-Fi Profile area.

4. Let the Adjusts product settings to boost protection when connected to an unsafe public Wi-Fi network checkbox enabled.

5. Click Save to close the windows.

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