To benefit from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint cloud app discovery signals, turn on Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps integration.


This feature will be available with an E5 license for Enterprise Mobility + Security on devices running Windows 10 and Windows 11.


See Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integration with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps for detailed integration of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps.

Enable Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

  1. In the navigation pane, select Preferences setup > Advanced features.
  2. Select Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and switch the toggle to On.
  3. Click Save preferences.

Once activated, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will immediately start forwarding discovery signals to Defender for Cloud Apps.

View the data collected

To view and access Microsoft Defender for Endpoint data in Microsoft Cloud Apps Security, see Investigate devices in Defender for Cloud Apps.

For more information about cloud discovery, see Working with discovered apps.

If you’re interested in trying Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, see Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Trial.

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