When installing the product using an .exe file, you can use the command-line parameters listed here.

EXE parameter MSI property Explanation
–language <id>
-l <id>
LANGUAGE Selects the language used in the installation. The parameter “ID” must be a valid language identifier in IETF-format. If “id” is not specified, the installer shows the language selection dialog. The ID value can be one of the following: en, bg, cs, da, de, el, en, es-MX, es, et, fi, fr-CA, fr, hu, it, ja, ko, lt, nl, no, pl, pt-BR, pr, ro, ru, sl, sv, tr, vi, zh-HK, zh-TW, zh.
–silent -s Sets the silent installation flow. There are no dialogs for the user. EULT is assumed to be accepted. If there is an embedded keycode, it is automatically used by the software when it is installed. Otherwise, the software is left without a keycode (that is, in an expired initial state). If the installation requires restarting the computer, no dialog is shown about it, but the executable return code is 99 and it will automatically continue after the restart.
–voucher <subscription key> VOUCHER Sets the subscription key. The subscription key is handled as if it was embedded in the installer filename. If a subscription key exists in the filename and is also added to the command-line, the command-line overrides the filename subscription key.
–proxy Overrides the proxy to use for downloads. Example: –proxy http://proxy.gtn:3128
–skip-sidegrade <skip options> SIDEGRADE_SKIPLIST Allows you to specify a list of competitor products that should not be sidegraded during the installation. “*” skips all sidegrades.
You can also add [skip-reboot] before a conflict name to indicate that this sidegrade must not require restart (but will be sidegraded). Separate the values (sidegrade ID’s or names) by “|”:

  • –skip-sidegrade “Sophos Cloud Endpoint| HitmanPro. Alert”
  • –skip-sidegrade “HitmanPro. Alert| SG16|SG1”
  • –skip-sidegrade “*” – do not sidegrade anything (including F-Secure products)
  • –skip-sidegrade “[skip-reboot]*” – all conflicts are removed and restart is not required
  • –skip-sidegrade “[skip-reboot]Sophos Cloud Endpoint| SG1” – Sophos Cloud Endpoint is uninstalled without a restart and SG1 is not detected as a conflict
–installation-tags <tags> INSTALLATION_TAGS Installation tags to be reported to a back-end portal (Elements Endpoint Protection, Elements Detection and Response, Elements Vulnerability Management), for example: –installation-tags “ElementsEndpointProtection=tag1:tag2:tag3,ElementsVulnerabilityManagement=tag4:tag5:tag6,department=accounting,role=secretary”
–use_smbios_guid UNIQUE_SIGNUP_ID For Citrix support in Elements Endpoint Protection. Use SMBIOS GUID as the unique identifier of this machine. When the same machine (with the same smbios guid) does installation or registration again with same subscription key, instead of creating a new device on the portal, it will connect to the same device on the portal.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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