Service health provides information on the current status of the Defender for Endpoint service. You’ll be able to verify that the service health is healthy or if there are current issues. If there are issues, you’ll see information such as when the issue was detected, what the preliminary root cause is, and the expected resolution time.

You’ll also see information on historical issues that have been resolved and details such as the date and time when the issue was resolved. When there are no issues on the service, you’ll see a healthy status.

You can view details on the service health by clicking the tile from the Security operations dashboard or selecting the Service health menu from the navigation pane.

The Service health details page has the following tabs:

  • Current status
  • Status history

Current status

The Current status tab shows the current state of the Defender for Endpoint service. When the service is running smoothly a healthy service health is shown. If there are issues seen, the following service details are shown to help you gain better insight about the issue:

  • Date and time for when the issue was detected
  • A short description of the issue
  • Update time
  • Summary of impact
  • Preliminary root cause
  • Next steps
  • Expected resolution time

Updates on the progress of an issue are reflected on the page as the issue gets resolved. You’ll see updates on information such as an updated estimate resolution time or next steps.

When an issue is resolved, it gets recorded in the Status history tab.

Status history

The Status history tab reflects all the historical issues that were seen and resolved. You’ll see details of the resolved issues along with the other information that were included while it was being resolved.

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