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To keep the security software up to date with the latest version released, the workstation or server must support SHA-256 driver signing. Some versions of Windows do not include this feature by default and need to be updated:

Windows Platform Updates Required URL
Windows Vista x86 / Windows Vista x64 SP2+KB4474419
WIndows Server 2008 x86 / WIndows Server 2008 x64 SP2+KB4474419
Windows 7 x 86 / Windows 7 x64 SP1+KB4474419
Windows 2008 R2 x 64 KB4474419

Updates required to support SHA-256 signed drivers
Computers that do not support SHA-256 driver signing will not have their protection software updated beyond protection version, and are not displayed in the Outdated protection widget on page as candidates to be updated. These computers are displayed with the warning Cannot upgrade this computer’s protection to the latest version.

To find computers that do not support SHA-256 driver signing, create a filter in the filter tree.

We recommend that you update all computers to make sure they are protected with the latest version of the protection software available at all times.

When an administrator installs the patches indicated, the latest available version of the protection software is downloaded within four hours, although it is necessary to restart the computer to complete the update.

Help nº- 20211115 700118 EN

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