Yes. With servers in the UK, Phantom VPN can give you access to streaming websites that are restricted to the British market.

A non-exhaustive list of the most popular services accessible with Phantom VPN include:

  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5
  • ITV Player
  • STV Player
  • Player.stv.tv

Why do I need VPN to access these sites? 
As more and more shows become available online, users are increasingly shunning traditional cable TV in favor of on-demand streaming services.

However, due to the historic practice of licensing content based on regions, streaming services are restricted. So if you want to access a streaming platform created for the British market, you will need a VPN or proxy.

Please note: a number of websites have started blocking the use of VPN and proxies. It is possible that this will impact the list of websites listed above. So if your primary purpose for purchasing a VPN is to stream your favorite shows, we recommend you first download the free version of Phantom VPN, and test it at no cost to yourself.

Source : Official Avira Brand
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