To apply a new .fsrl license file to an already installed Radar Scan Node Agent, you need to copy the file to the installation directory.

    1. Run the following commands to apply the new license file:

cd /opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent && sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll apply-license ./license.fsrl

    1. To apply a known Radar Scan Node Agent license ID for a particular scanning module, you can apply the license ID directly to the Scan Node Agent configuration.

For example, for the system scan module, run the following commands:

cd /opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent
sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll set-config SystemScan.License 85f95bbf-15cf-4d06-8347-e91a1eb539b8
sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll set-config SystemScan.Enabled true
sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll update-engines

Note: If the installation directory (/opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent) already contains a .fsrl file, the data from that license file is applied when you restart the agent, overwriting the manual changes.

Note: If the installation directory contains more than one .fsrl file, you can run the following command to check which one is in use: sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll get-config LicenseFileName

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