Instructions on how to allow unknown inbound and outbound connections.

By default, the Allow unknown inbound connections and Allow unknown outbound connections settings are turned off. When they are off, the firewall blocks unknown traffic. You can use automatically selected profiles, select a predefined F-Secure firewall profile, or customize a profile to suit your needs. If no rule exists that blocks or allows this traffic, the default rule is used, which means that first the F-Secure firewall general settings are applied, and then the rules from the firewall rules table. If no other rules match, then the fallback settings are applied.

Note: Fallback settings are per profile.

For example, if you turn Allow unknown connections on and delete all the firewall rules, everything is allowed. If you turn Allow unknown connections off, everything is blocked. When there are no firewall rules, all traffic is unknown and therefore blocked. You can add rules to allow certain traffic and the rest will be blocked. Alternatively, by turning on Allow unknown connections you can allow everything and by creating a set of block rules, you block certain traffic and allow everything else.

To allow unknown connections:

    1. Go to Profiles and select a profile.

The General settings page opens.

    1. From the left pane, select Firewall.

The Firewall page opens.

  1. Select the profile that you want to edit.
  2. Under Fallback settings, do one of the following:
    • Allow unknown inbound connections – when this setting is on, it allows unknown inbound connections to the computer. We recommend that you keep this setting turned off.
    • Allow unknown outbound connections – when this setting is on, it allows unknown outbound connections from the computer. We recommend that you keep this setting turned off.
  3. You can select to save and publish your changes to the current profile (Save and Publish) or to multiple profiles (Save and Publish to multiple profiles).
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