The Advanced section allows you to change a range of general and privacy settings.

Select your preferred settings by selecting or deselecting the following check boxes:

  • Start on Windows startup – To prevent new Malware infections, it is essential that real-time protection is always enabled.
  • Self-protection – Protects against any external modification attempts to Emsisoft’s installation folder and configuration. It is recommended that you leave this option enabled.
  • Captcha to authorize program shutdowns – Displays a challenge-response test to determine whether or not the user is human. This prevents automated termination of Emsisoft’s real-time protection by Malware.
  • Windows Explorer integration – Allows scanning of individual files or folders via the Explorer context menu (right-click).
  • Windows Security Center integration – This setting could be disabled if this software runs side by side with other Anti-Virus programs that wp-signup.php in the Windows Security Center.
  • Memory usage optimization – When enabled, this option reduces the amount of RAM being used by swapping out non-active data (such as signatures) to the pagefile. On older computers this may result in system slowdowns. If you have sufficient RAM, you may wish to disable this feature to ensure maximum speed.
  • Proxy Settings – If your Internet connection uses a Proxy Server, click the Proxy Settings ‘Edit’ button to configure the corresponding settings.
  • Submit crash- and usage-reports –Sends anonymous reports to Emsisoft that are essential for the development team to fix bugs and improve the software.

Anti-Malware Network

The following settings relate to the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network, an online database that stores information about clean and dangerous files. It allows better decisions to be made on detected threats and reduces false positives to a minimum. Participation is not an obligation, but helps to increase the quality of the product for everyone. Read how Emsisoft deals with data: Privacy Policy

  • Submit information about detected Malware – Detection information is used for statistical purposes only. No personal data is sent.
  • Submit application and host rules – Helps to analyze the reputation of individual programs and online hosts. No personal data is sent.
  • Look up reputation of programs – Provides useful recommendations on the best way to handle alerted programs.
  • Automatically allow programs with good reputation – Greatly reduces the number of false alerts for programs that behave in similar ways to Malware.
  • Automatically quarantine programs with bad reputation – Improves the quality of detections and reduces required user interactions.

  • Quarantine re-scan after updates – The dropdown menu allows you to customize the re-scanning of quarantined objects after each signature update to identify any false detections (false alerts) and restore them if necessary. You can select from [Always][Ask] or [Never].
  • User interface language – The dropdown menu allows you to define the language used for the user interface and alerts. Around 30 different languages are currently available.
  • Appearance – Allows you to change the color theme of the software. Use the dropdown menu to select from [Bright] and [Dark].
  • Backup and Restore 
    • Export settings – This button opens a dialog that allows you to save the General software settings, Application rules, Host rules, Permissions, Exclusions and Scheduled scans to a specified folder.
    • Import settings – This button opens a dialog that allows you to import an INI or DAT file in order to restore the General software settings, Application rules, Host rules, Permissions, Exclusions and Scheduled scans.
  • Factory defaults – The Revert button opens a dialog where you can specify which settings (General software settings, Application rules, Host rules, Permissions, Exclusions) you would like to reset to their default settings. There is also the option to clear all logs and reset counters.
  • Debug logging – Debug logs are used to record system events and can help developers identify and resolve software issues. Only enable this option if you have been asked to do so by Emsisoft customer support staff as it may slow down the software. Click the Debug logging dropdown menu and select from [Disabled][Enabled for 1 day][Enable for 7 days] or [Enabled always].

Source : Official EMSISOFT Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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