The vast majority of TotalAV plans come with protection for at least 3 devices. These three devices can be Windows PCs, Macs, Android Smartphones or Tablets. However, if you have more than 3 devices that need protection, an additional license will be required.

If you have a paid TotalAV account, have installed the app on a device, are receiving messages saying the device is unprotected, and that it needs a license, click here to be taken to the TotalAV marketplace where you can purchase.

Within 5-10 minutes from purchase, the brand new license should auto-assign to your device. If not visit the dashboard devices page to see which devices your licenses are assigned to and amend accordingly.

If you already have the license but haven’t installed the app yet, first download the app from here. Once the download completes, follow the install process, and when requested to Signup or Login, select Login. Enter the account email address and password for your upgraded TotalAV account. The license will auto-assign to the device, and full protection will be applied to the device.

TotalAV offers discounts on purchases of multiple licenses, we have packaged these deals in the Marketplace as Home Protection (including 2 licenses), Family Protection (including 5 licenses) and Unlimited Protection (including 12 licenses).

Source : Official TotalAV Brand
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