Instructions on how to add the F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection Android app to Microsoft Intune MDM.

    1. Log into your Microsoft Intune portal.
    2. Select Apps > Android > Add.

The Select app type pane opens.

    1. From the App type drop-down menu, select Managed Google Play app, and then select Select.
    2. In the Managed Google Play view, in the Search field, enter F-Secure Elements.

The Apps view opens.

    1. Select F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection.
    2. On the view that opens, select Approve > Approve.
    3. In the Approval settings tab, select Keep approved when app requests new permissions, and select Done.

The Managed Google Play view opens.

    1. Select Sync at the top left corner.

The Android Apps view opens.

    1. Select Refresh and then select F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection.

The F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection view opens.

    1. Under Manage, select Properties.

The F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection Properties view opens.

    1. Next to Assignments, select Edit.

The Edit Application view opens.

  1. In the Assignments tab, do the following:
    1. Under Required, select Add all users.
    2. Select Review + save.
    3. In the Review + save tab, select Save.

The F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection app has been added to Microsoft Intune MDM.

Next, add the app configuration policies.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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