You can provide a designated individual, known as an administrator, with a user account with required rights in the F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection portal.

This allows them to assist in managing the products and subscriptions for the Endpoint Protection software installed on a company’s devices, or to self-manage their own devices. You can add an administrator for the Solution Provider, Service Partner, or for a company account.

To create an administrator account:

    1. Select Account on the sidebar.

The Account management page is displayed.

    1. You can create an administrator account for either your portal account or for a specific customer company:
      • For your portal account: click the  icon next to Accounts management.
      • For a customer company: click the  icon next to the name of the company.
    2. In the menu, select Create new administrator.

The Create administrator form is displayed.

  1. Fill in the user details in the form.
    1. Enter the email address.

      Note: We recommend always to use a unique email address. However, if you need to use an existing one and get a message that the email address that you entered is already in use, add “+” and an identifier to the email address to make it unique, for example, “[email protected]”.

    2. Optionally, you can enter a user name for the new administrator.
    3. Select the language for the user.
    4. Select which access rights you want to give to the administrator:
      • Security and subscription management rights
      • Security management rights
      • Subscription management rights
    5. Select one of the following read-only rights:
      • Read-only for servers – select this option to prevent regular administrators from managing servers.

        Note: Administrators with read-only rights are not able to add any administrators with server rights.

      • Read-only for computers and mobiles – select this option to prevent server administrators from managing computers and mobile devices.

    Note: To give access to the portal for an account that has been created in another F-Secure environment, you need to create an account in the portal using the same email address. After you entered the email address, the system then tells you that an account with the same email address exists. By selecting Submit, you give the account access to the F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection portal. We recommend doing this as this means that the user only has to log in once to navigate across the F-Secure portals.

  2. Select Submit or click the X icon in the top-right corner of the form.
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A new administrator account is created.

Note: The user receives an email with instructions on how to set up a password for the new account.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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