Coupons are typically given as part of the Sophos Home Commercial Edition (SHCE)  or Academic programs. They allow participating customers to turn their Sophos Home account to Premium (or Free Academic), for as long as their company/University has an agreement with Sophos.

  • Coupons can be used 1 time only, and they attach to a specific account.
  • Coupons can only be added to Free accounts (Trial and Premium users will have to wait until expiration + 15 days in order to apply the coupons).
  • Coupons will not stack with Premium subscriptions. If Premium is purchased on top of a coupon, Premium will take precedence.
  • Coupons cannot be transferred/added to the same account more than once.
  • Coupons will auto-renew according to the company’s/University’s agreement with Sophos.
  • Gift coupons will expire after a specific amount of time (varying from months to years).

Activating your coupon

Video steps

Step-by-step activation process

If you are a Sophos Home Commercial Use edition customer, follow these instructions to generate a coupon.
Once you have a coupon, you can either add it to an existing account (see coupon requirements), or create a new account to add it.

  1. Create a Sophos Home account  OR Sign in to your existing account
  2. Once at your Dashboard, click on your email address at the top right of the screen > My account
  3. Enter your account’s password and click Unlock
  4. Locate Subscription and click Have a coupon?
  5. After entering the coupon, your Sophos Home account (and any already installed Sophos Home antivirus using this account) will switch to Premium or Free Academic accordingly.
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Frequently asked questions

Q: I receive a message stating The coupon you entered is not valid
A: Verify you are entering the coupon correctly, and that you haven’t already used it for another account.

Q: I receive a message stating The coupon has already been used
A: This message appears when the coupon has already been added to an account. Coupons can be activated one time only.

Q: The Have a coupon? option is not available under Subscription
A: Verify you are logged in to a Sophos Home non-Premium account. If your account is still Premium or Premium Trial, you will not be able to add a coupon until that expires.

Q: How can my company participate in the Sophos Home Commercial edition program?
Reach out to your Sophos Account Manager/Sales Rep covering your business account and suggest they access Sophos Home Commercial Edition – Free for Sophos Customers

Q: How do I get support if I am a Sophos Home SHCE/Academic user?
A: As covered here, customers can get support via our Help Center/Knowledge Base articles

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